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  • Spending a few extra minutes listening to the patients problems means a lot, but ultimately addressing those issues and not just a routine of adjustments that satisfies the Dr. and not the patient is why I will return to see Dr. Smith.

    - Jim M.
  • I would recommend this practice to everyone!

    - Nelson W.
  • Thank you for being open and kind.

    - Nancy H.
  • I had a great first experience at the chiropractor, the entire staff was friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone and I will definitely be back again!

    - Jenna M.
  • I look forward to coming back! I will definitely refer others to come by!

    - Susan L.
  • I felt so much better and the staff was awesome I have told my family and friends about how much this has helped me.

    - Gina R.
  • My only regret, I wish I had visited Dr. Smith and his team sooner. What a pleasure to meet professional health experts that actually care about you and your well-being. 

    - Abby W.
  • The atmosphere the office was very friendly and conducive to feeling very relaxed and welcomed. All questions and concerns were answered in a professional and friendly matter.

    - Glenn S.
  • Very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful! On a scale of 1-10 Dr.Smith is a 10!

    - Lori S.
  • You guys rock! I know that when I leave the office that I will feel better from the adjustment.

    - Roseann U.
  • Excellent A++

    - Ryan M.
  • The health care provider and his team were exceptionally great! 

    - Emilia A.
  • It was nice to meet you all. I look forward to seeing you next week.

    - Alicia L.
  • Best chiropractor in town!

    - Allison,Daniel, Lisa
  • I had immediate results from our first visit, and I am looking forward to my next treatment.

    - James J.
  • Been a patient for several years. Very satisfied with the service and staff and new location. Thank you!

    - Marian E.
  • Wonderful experience!

    - Jody V.
  • Very pleased with my visits! 

    - Eloise S.
  • The entire staff is absolutely incredible!! I felt very welcomed. The explanations i received about my health were beyond what i could have asked for!! I knew what was happening every step of the way. I feel AMAZING!

    - Jeremy S.
  • Amazed at how gentle and considerate the doctor was and how much better I felt the next day. I would highly recommend him to everyone. How refreshing to go to a doctor and actually see results.

    - Holly S.
  • Very personable atmosphere and excellent staff.

    - Gordon L.

I Felt Relaxed and Hopeful

This was my first visit to see Dr. Smith and it was a very informative and thorough visit. I’ve been to many other practices before, but never felt so relaxed and hopeful for improved health. He took a lot of time with me to discuss my condition, and I felt very confident when I left that this will be my new Chiro in the future. Thank you.

Ruth A.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Excellent experience, and I’m already feeling better after just one visit!! Happy to have found a knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor who can meet my needs. Thanks Dr. Smith!

Holly H.

Can’t Wait to Go Back!

Staff and Doctor were very friendly and helpful. Great experience and can’t wait to go back for my next appointment!

Michaela C.

Great Chiropractor

Dr. Kevin Smith is a great chiropractor. He explained my issues and a plan of action clearly. I started coming with a back injury and soon found relief. He also has excellent bedside manner and really gets to know his patients. I recommend him to everyone.

Ashley S.

Efficient And Helpful

I came to see Dr. Kevin as an urgent care patient. Dr. Kevin attended to me quickly and was able to resolve my back pain in a short time. I had follow up visits that were equally as efficient and helpful.

Angel L.

Dedication To Patients

Dr. Smith has been willing, on numerous occasions, to come to the office on his scheduled days off and provide chiropractic care when I was experiencing serious back pain. It is his dedication to his patients and practice that is uncanny and doesn’t go unnoticed!

Paul A.

Nicest Care

I have visited many Chiropractic offices in my years, MHC offers not only the nicest and most “human” care, They tailor the treatments to the individuals specific needs for “each” visit. I have been in great pain on some days, and Dr. Smith would be careful of my extra discomfort, while still helping me to feel “relieved” by the time I left. I can not say enough positive things to reflect how happy I have been With the pleasant and professional people at Mullica Hill Chiropractic.

Steven A.

Incredibly Pleased

I have been a long time advocate for chiropractic care but haven’t been able to find anyone in my area that I felt confident enough to begin maintenance care visits with. That is of course, until now. I am incredibly pleased and happy with the doctors care of me and will highly recommend his services. In addition, the doctor staff is very helpful and accommodating and always very curious which is equally important to me. Thank you very much.

Dawn G.